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 by Andrew Ryeland

For the third year in a row, under the leadership of our own Nancy Ord, Four Wheelin’ Women’s ATV ride has raised funds for the fight against breast cancer.

 This year with participation swollen by Spring Jam 2003, they raised $10,000!  This past week, a cheque was presented to the West Parry Sound Health Centre Foundation and the monies went to purchase a special mammography chair and furnishings for the mammography waiting room to add the ‘human touch’ to an otherwise clinical setting. 

The idea of an ATV ride to collect pledges honours Nancy’s Dad, Hans Sauer, who lost his courageous battle with breast cancer in 1998 at the age of 58.  Although breast cancer is mainly associated with women it occurs in 1% of men as well.  Through the annual ride Four Wheelin’ Women is raising awareness that this deadly disease strikes men too.

 Special thanks to: Camp Koinonia for hosting the lunch, Delta Rocky Crest Resort for donating $10 for every Spring Jam 2003 room sold, Bear Claw Tours for hosting and guiding the 50 women ATVers and Suzuki Canada for its second year of strong support.

 In 3 years Four Wheelin’ Women has raised a total of $15,000.  Plans for next year’s ride on April 24th in conjunction with Spring Jam 2004, hope to keep the momentum rolling.  As the event grows so do the various tasks and organizational issues.  Nancy plans to incorporate FWW and is actively seeking leaders that would like to join its Board of Directors.  If you have a passion for fighting this disease and would like to take a role in a growing annual affair give Nancy a call at 705 375-0900 or drop her a line at   More information can be obtained on the FWW website .


 The power grid failure of August 14, 2003 that caused millions to be without electricity was a wake up call to more than just the need to conserve energy.  The blackout also reminded millions that they live in a natural world that has slowly been obscured by our unrelenting march of progress.

 People abruptly detached from urban artificial comforts discovered some neat things about nature and each other.  Seeing stars in their skies for the first time in years was perhaps the most common experience.  Camping out in suburban back yards brought unexpected pleasures of being outside during glorious summer weather.  Neighbours sharing supplies, directing traffic and watching out for one another created camaraderie not seen since the advent of the automatic garage door opener.

 Governments were quick to clamp down on energy consumption by declaring that all non-essential work cease for a day or so.  A sort of ‘snow day’ in August for adults!  Dire predictions of rolling blackouts, to allow the system to heal, caused hoarding of essentials like gasoline and food staples.  Scary! I guess we all need to pause, step back and appreciate the wilderness that’s just an amp or two beneath the sophisticated veneer we call living and prepare to embrace it every once in a while.

 While we have yet to experience rolling black outs, many in Georgian Bay Country have come to appreciate ‘rolling green outs’. 

 If you venture into our forests this time of year the intensity of green is overwhelming.  Travelling on an ATV, the experience becomes surreal as tunnels of green spiked with sunlight roll over, around and under you.  The wafting smell of late summer wildflowers, ripening blackberries and warm pine needles mingle with oxygen drenched breezes to create a perfect summer smile.

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