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- Andrew Ryeland 


This is it!  The weekend we all plunge into FULL BLAST SUMMER.  Maybe it’s the lengthening days or the sudden resurgence of green or the air full of fresh breezes but we are ready to take a big gulp of this sweet season.

Something amazing is happening in Parry Sound.  All of a sudden people are talking about All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs to the acronymic smitten).  As a club dedicated to the safe and responsible enjoyment of this sport in our community we have taken on many roles.  Our most urgent task is education. Misconceptions abound, and yes, there are many real issues that we hope to be part of the solution not an arrogant advocate.

The excitement of ATVing is in the ride and the stops and then the ride.  Anticipation is our tour guide! Being astride a four-wheeler that can step over a fallen tree, traverse a granite-faced hill and plunge through a deep puddle is simply thrilling.  Our sport is all about discovery and opening a door to the wilderness that up until now has been the exclusive domain of the fit. 

It’s unabashedly “non-virtual”. ATVing is getting folks that only see forest creatures on the side of the road with “XXs” in their eyes, into the wilds.  ATVing is about challenges and fellowship far from the sanitized urban techno society that has coddled us into believing adventure only exists on network television.

There’s a lot more too!  Over the summer we will highlight ‘time travel’, ‘secret passages’, ‘ghost trails’ and innovative approaches to trail development and stewardship.

The best way to keep abreast of our contributions to the sport, community and commerce is to join us. 

Our next club event:

Four Wheelin’ Women Ride for Breast Cancer Awareness
Sat. June 8th, 2002

  The ride will take place at the Ontario Camp of the Deaf, located 10 minutes south of Parry Sound.  New or experienced riders welcome as the ride is intended to introduce women of all ATV riding levels to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Parry Sound.  The ride will be about 4 hours in length with lots of stops along the way.  We will have activities planned for the men while we ride if they would like to come along for the day.  A dinner will follow the ride with giveaways and raffles.


If you would like to have more information about the Parry Sound ATV District Club visit us at or call us at 705 774-9778.

 We’d love to have your company.